The National Institute of Health Policy is an organization that focuses on healthcare and healthcare reform. This is a type of resource site that aims to help Americans understand the healthcare in the United States of America and how they can keep themselves healthy.

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About the NIHP

The NIHP has been around for several years and has been actively working towards better public information on healthcare for Americans. The healthcare systems, insurance, laws, etc. can get very complicated and difficult to navigate and NIHP aims to fix this.

The NIHP does research and gathers information regarding healthcare policies, reforms, developments, laws, and more and then delivers the information in an easy to understand format to the public. It is vitally important that everyone can understand or at least have a platform to ask questions about healthcare and problems they are experiencing.

NIHP is headed by Penelope Krum. She has been involved in healthcare for almost three decades. She was a nurse for 25 years and went into the private care industry after that. She has first-hand experience with everything that the healthcare has to offer – the good and the bad – and is uniquely qualified to help others navigate the system.

The Team

The NIHP team that keeps this site running are very dedicated and talented people. The team consists of ten writers. Each writer has a broad general knowledge of healthcare and very good research and writing skills. They can take any information and make it into an easily digestible piece of reading. The team of writers and editors are passionate about making sure that every American has the resources to make good decisions about their healthcare and prevent that they get trapped in a difficult situation because they didn’t understand something.

The Purpose

The purpose of this NIHP website is threefold:

  1. To give the American public access to healthcare information that is easy to understand.
  2. To inform and advise Americans regarding the healthcare system, reforms, and how to get the most out of their healthcare.
  3. Offer support and advice to persons who are stuck in a difficult situation because of poor implementation of healthcare policies or a misunderstanding of the system.

The NIHP simply aims to make healthcare easier to understand and help those who get lost in the complicated system.

How to Use This Resource Site

The NIHP resource site is set up in a very simple way. You can simply browse the articles that have been published to find one that is relevant to your situation or the information that you are looking for. If you do not find what you need, you can contact the NIHP team at [email protected] and ask whether they can assist you. They will then offer you advice or direct you to a website or person who will be able to assist with answering your questions.

NIHP is here to help you and make sure that you can navigate the American healthcare system successfully.